Advertise with Santa Barbara Trolley

Reach an amazing target market to brand your business!

Trolley Ads
Marketing has never been more important to brand, build and boost business. Reach Santa Barbara - get your ad on a Santa Barbara Trolley! This is the perfect billboard to display your company - clients, customers, locals and tourists alike are either riding trolleys or driving or walking past one everyday. Our fleet of 15 newly renovated trolleys drive frequently throughout downtown Santa Barbara 363 days per year, covering thousands and thousands of miles. How’s that for great exposure!?

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Advertise All Over Town With ONE simple Placement
Outdoor advertising in Santa Barbara is scarce. To keep the aesthetic beauty of stunning Santa Barbara, there are no billboards, no poll signs, not neon signs are allowed in the city limits. Great for ambience, not-so-great for Santa Barbara business.

The Santa Barbara Trolley is one notable exception. An ad on one of our trolleys puts your message is a moving billboard reaching Santa Barbara locals as well as tourists.

Advertising Opportunities on the Santa Barbara Trolley:

  • Full Trolley Rebrand -- See photo above
  • Trolley Exterior Back -- 7ft x 10ft rear panel
  • Trolley Exterior Side -- 4ft x 26ft wrap on the driver side
  • Trolley Exterior Sign -- 3ft x 2ft sign on passenger side
  • Trolley Interior Sign -- 1ft x 3ft sign at eye level inside
  • Display ad in the SB Trolley Brochure -- 1 inch x 2 inch ad in 20,000 copies of the 4 x 9 brochure
  • Web ad on the SB Trolley Website -- Banner ads can be quoted upon request

For a rate quote and a pleasant conversation please call:
Stephen Meade