COVID-19 Emergency Plan

How to Stay Safe On-Board

  • Face Coverings – All riders are required to wear face masks or face coverings while on board.
  • Germ Barriers and Rear-Door Boarding – We’ve installed germ barriers toprotect riders. On our tour trolleys each seat has been fitted with a sneeze guards.
  • No-Contact Fares – Use our website to purchase tickets.
  • Hand Sanitizer – If you’re able, we recommend using hand sanitizer before andafter touching any shared surface. Sanitizer is available on board.
  • Passenger Limit – We have reduced our capacity to 20 passengers on board all private event and tour trolleys.


Santa Barbara Trolley has upped cleaning standards even further to keep vehicles and stations clean. Tour Trolleys and private trolleys are sanitized at least once per day and sanitized between services.

Employee Protocols

  • Symptom Check - ALL of our employees evaluate their symptoms prior to beginning their shift.
  • Face Coverings - All of our employees are issued masks and wear them in the office and while driving clients.
  • Hand Washing - All of our employees have a designated hand washing station to utilize before and after trips.
  • Limit Contact - Our drivers have been retrained to avoid shaking hands. To open and close doors for our clients, and to use hand sanitizer before exiting the vehicle and after re-entering the vehicle to drive.

Sneeze guards fitted on tour trolleys